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Testimonials related to Joani Richardson's presentations and workshops

Unbelievable instructor! One of the best I have ever seen.  So many walk away ideas to use with current students. 
Cheryl, Special Ed. Teacher - Indianapolis, IN

This presentation was the best I've ever experienced. - MA CCC-SLP, Charleston, SC

Great examples with relevant situations.  Very applicable with useable structure. - PT - San Diego, CA

She is phenomenal! Loved listening to her.  Very animated & knowledgeable.  One of the best conferences I've attended.   
Stephanie - Teacher, San Bernadino, CA

Excellent.  Really got me thinking about treatment with my kids.  Ms. Richardson was amazing.  - Pamela, OT - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Good, relevant information that I can take to my class and use right now.  Liked the workable strategies given with clear examples. 
Nichole - Special Ed. Teacher - Reno, NV

Wow! I mean it! This was just excellent. - Pauline, OT - Indianapolis, IN

Brilliant information, commanding presentation, clear instruction.  I enjoyed it immensely.  - Sarah, LPC - Lubbock, TX

Extremely beneficial course.  Would love to be able to spend more time learning from Joani.  GREAT presenter!
Keely, COTA - Lubbock, TX

The content of this course and the presenter's skills were phenomenal.  Joani was fabulous at answering questions and maintaining engagement.  Alexandria, OTR - Shreveport, LA

Best class I have ever taken (20 years of practice) because Joani was engaging through all demonstrations and helped me have a better idea of what the child is experiencing.  It was all beneficial, but I loved the real life examples and there were a lot! I would take any class taught by Joani
PT - New Orleans, LA

Instructor was warm, humorous, personable, engaging, knowledgeable and excellent teacher.  Excellent training. Thanks! 
Social Worker, Brooklyn, NY

Loved the practical examples and ways to use it tomorrow!
Occupational Therapist, Augusta, GA

She knows her craft and she transfers her passion to her audience. I absolutely love the way she keeps us alert.  Great! 
Special Ed Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

The information was really beneficial and the strategies will be great for my school.
Special Ed Teacher's Assistant, Columbia, SC

With 23 years of experience I am typically bored at professional Development on Autism. The presenter provided valuable,
well-organized, potent information even for highly experienced providers.
Speech Language Pathologist, Riverhead, NY 

This was one of the best workshops I’ve attended in years. All of the information was relevant and understandable. I’m taking home ideas and that’s always what I hope to gain from a workshop. There was never a dull moment. Thanks so much! 
Charles – School Psychologist – North Carolina School Psychologists Association Mountain Drive –In

Joani Richardson is the best speaker on Autism I have seen. She kept everyone's attention and presented loads of useful information. 
Special Education Teacher - 62nd Conference on Exceptional Children

Great presentation, energy, passion.  I usually drift off duirng long and short presentations.  I didn't do that during your "show". Lots of great and functional info. Excellent!  
Speech Language Pathologist - Speechcenter, Inc. Winston Salem, NC

Perfect balance of lecture, participation and videos and stories.  Finally a workshop with actual ideas that can be used during the day. 
Special Ed Teacher, Riverhead, NY

Joani has a fun, energetic speaking style! Great mix of researched material, stories and practical techniques. 
Speech Language Pathologist, Greenville, SC

Soooo different than other Autism programs.  Much more to the point with background and then how to treat.  Makes sense. 
Occupational Therapist, Islip, NY

The speaker was exemplary in her presentation of the material, exemplary in knowledge of her subject matter, and gave me many strategies that I was able to implement on Monday in my classroom.  
Teacher - 62nd Conference on Exceptional Children

The whole presentation was wonderful. It was the best autism training I have ever been to.  Great visuals and examples!! 
Cindy - Speech Language Pathologist - Iredell Statesville Schools, NC

One of the BEST sessions I have ever attended at the EC Conference.  She was a very positive speaker, covered her topic effectively and I left with great understanding...I was so excited to get back to the classroom and use what I had learned! Excellent.  
EC Teacher - 62nd Conference on Exceptional Children

Best session of the conference.  Real info and help for kids with Autism!  
Special Education Teacher - 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

This was by FAR the best training I have had the opportunity to be a part of. Very informative! I learned a lot! Joani, you kept the training moving and interesting. You make learning FUN! 
Angela – Teacher Assistant – Morganton, NC

Please video this presentation so that teachers across the state can access this information at any time.  Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!  
Special Education Teacher - 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

This was one of the best sessions I have had during the conference. Thank You. You have answered many questions I’ve wanted to know. Please present again next year. 
Principal – 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

Thank you so much for your informative and entertaining presentation on Saturday. You were amazing!!!
Michaela - Speechcenter, Inc.- Winston Salem, NC

Wish every EC teacher, Regular Ed teacher and administrator could hear this presentation!
Speech Language Pathologist – 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

This is the best training I have attended to date - A wealth of information was given in a meaningful way not just sitting and listening to someone talk.  Also the handouts provided are concrete items (tools) that I can use to work with Autistic students.
Jeri - Teacher Assistant - Burke Co. School, NC

Provider was excellent and had a wealth of info to present in a very professional manner.
Child Care Resource and Referral Council state training

Super presentation.  Speaker has a wealth of knowldge that is helpful.
ECP Teacher - Craven Co. Schools, NC

I especially liked looking at the Autistic child as a whole using the hierarchy.  Feel like this can be used with all students, not just AU.  
Teacher - Lexington City Schools, NC

I loved this session the most.  I really needed a quick lesson on how to write a social story and learned how important visual support is to our AU students. 
Special Educaiton Teacher - 62nd Conference on Exceptional Children

Liked how you expounded on each point, gave examples, stories, etc. Very helpful. Great presentation/training - enjoyed!
Kaylin - Speech Language Pathologist - Alexander Co. Schools, NC

Joani is great! Have sat through many of these trainings, and hers really stands out. This woman knows her stuff because she lives it. Especially appreciate the slides and handouts, will share these freely. Thank You! 
School Psychologist – North Carolina School Psychologists Association Mountain Drive –In

I especially liked the classroom relevance of the workshop.  I have been to other Autism workshops that I felt like I got nothing useful for my classroom. Really enjoyed this and feel good at the info I'm taking back.  
Danielle - teacher - Lexington City Schools, NC

Nice job!! I currently teach five autistic students and you touched on each one. 
Special Education Teacher – 59th Conference on Exceptional Children

Great hands on tips even for educators that have dealt with Autism. 
Special Education Teacher – 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

Information shared was great. I have a better understanding of Autism and what needs to be done in schools for Autistic kids. Great Presenter.   Assistant Principal – 61st Conference on Exceptional Children

Don’t see how this can be improved. Thought it was great. Joani was a fantastic presenter! Love her dynamic personality! 
School Psychologist – North Carolina School Psychologists Association Mountain Drive –In

I think that Ms. Richardson is one of the best presenters I’ve had for a workshop in 11 years of teaching. Thank You!
Regular Ed Teacher – Morganton, NC

This is the best workshop I’ve attended in all my years of teaching!! Very beneficial!! I’m a visual learner so the power point was great!! I’d come and do it all again. I know I’d learn more. 
Jill – Regular Ed Teacher – Burke County Schools, NC

Testimonials related to consultation

Joani, I was so impressed – actually more than impressed – with your conference with __ and his family. I am so thankful for everything you’ve done. 
Teresa – principal – College Street Academy

I was so inspired today at our meetings with __ and his mother and father. Joani, you did an incredible job explaining __’s autism diagnosis to him and his parents. The genuine concern and care you have was obvious. Thank you again. 
LC – counselor

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